Green Party Official Tells Germans to ‘Stop Taking Showers’ to Solve Energy Crisis

Green Party Official Tells Germans to 'Stop Taking Showers' to Solve Energy Crisis

A top Green Party official has suggested that Germans use washcloths instead of taking showers to solve the country’s looming energy crisis.

Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann also said citizens should buy expensive eco-heating systems, which are unaffordable for the average person.

The comments were made in response to the energy crisis as gas shortages loom amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

“Even the washcloth is a useful invention,” the Green politician told Südwest-Presse.

Kretschmann boasted about his eco-credentials, “I have an electric car, I have a huge photovoltaic system on the roof.”

The pellet heating system used by the Green Party official costs anything up to €21,000 – a totally unrealistic figure for struggling Germans.

But the actual environmental cost of Kretschmann’s ‘solution’ was explained by Remix News.

“Wired magazine reports that these devices rely primarily on wood pellets sourced from forests in the southeastern United States. They are then shipped halfway around the world to individuals like Kretschmann despite many scientists arguing that these pellets are just as polluting as coal.”

“Although they come from a renewable resource, forests are cut down across the U.S. to make this resource, and according to Greenpeace, the practice destroys biodiversity and ruins entire ecosystems. Scientists estimate it takes between 44 to over 100 years for these forests to grow back, and for those worried about climate change, they say this destruction of natural forests will cost the planet immeasurably.”

Kretschmann’s so-called advice received backlash on Twitter, as the hashtag #Waschlappen (German for “washcloth”) began trending.

“Our country faces an energy crisis that threatens the prosperity of millions of people! And what is the answer of the green father Kretschmann? Don’t shower every day: ‘The #Waschlappen is also a useful invention.’ What kind of people actually govern Germany?” asked Gerhard Papke, the president of the German-Hungarian Society.

The Daily Fetched previously reported on Germany’s impending energy crisis:

Germany’s biggest cities are preparing for a massive energy crisis this winter as the country prepares to limit heat, shut off warm water and lighting.

The German city of Hanover is now scrambling to reduce its energy consumption by 15 percent.

The German government will prevent Hanover’s municipal buildings from using heating that exceeds a temperature of 68F. The city has also banned mobile air conditioning units and fan heaters as the energy crisis looms.

The city has also banned mobile air conditioning units and fan heaters as the energy crisis looms.

The city’s residents must also adapt by taking cold showers at city-run facilities.

Hanover will also shut off hot water in public buildings, swimming pools, and gyms.

Meanwhile, the country is facing a complete collapse of its power grid due to the soaring demand for electric heaters.

Meanwhile, the country is facing a complete collapse of its power grid due to the soaring demand for electric heaters.

As we reported earlier this month:

Germans are now panic buying electric heaters after firewood supplies and stoves sold out, a desperate backup option to survive the plummeting winter temperatures.

But according to the boss of the Stadtwerke Wiesbaden Netz utility company, Peter Lautz, the sheer amount of citizens using electric heaters would put enormous strain on the country’s electricity grid.

Electric heaters use between 1,000 and 3,000 watts of energy, so when all are plugged in simultaneously, it could cause a massive overload and cause the grid to collapse.

“If everyone switched on a fan heater at home, it would mean that we would have to almost double the existing network structure on every street,” said Lautz.

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a a ron
a a ron
1 month ago

Telling Germans to stop taking showers to save energy.
Oh this is rich.
When did they START taking them?
Them and the French could have a steenky pit contest and be arm to arm for first place.

1 month ago

OH Wait!
Why aren’t they worried about the strain on the electric grid from all of the electric vehicles they want you to drive? Are they going to set times when you can charge your vehicle? Group “A” charges between 1 and 8 am and group “B” between 8amand 3 pm, and so on.
This is lunacy preached by the lunatics running things because the sheeple will not rise up and depose them. I thought Hitler was dead! Guess not.

1 month ago

Millennials and gen z already stopped doing that.

1 month ago

Green Party Officials should ‘Stop Taking Showers’ to Solve Energy Crisis.

1 month ago

They deleted my comment.
So much for freedom of speech!

Ben Colder
Ben Colder
1 month ago

The Germans were always a little smelly now they will plain stink Flies will swarm around them

Carol Emen
Carol Emen
1 month ago

And who the heck is going to want to visit Germany as a tourist now? Not me, which is sad as I’d like to. I’d say I’ll have to wait until this “existential threat” is over, but I’ll be dead before the left realizes they’ve been had. That OR the WEF/Davos/Chinese triumverate will be controlling the world before long making travel for anyone but them illegal.



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