World Economic Forum Predicts AI Will Replace 83 Million Human Jobs by 2027

World Economic Forum Predicts AI Will Replace 83 Million Human Jobs by 2027

The World Economic Forum has predicted that 83 million jobs will disappear within the next five years as artificial intelligence (AI) takes over roles like clerks, cashiers, and secretaries.

The prediction comes as IBM announced plans to automate 7,800 back-office jobs over the next five years.

Saadia Zahidi, the research group’s managing director, said AI would soon replace jobs performed by humans.

Roles at risk of being replaced by AI include:

Bank tellers

Postal clerks


Ticket sellers

Data entry teams


Stock-keeping clerks



Payroll clerks

The fastest growing jobs are for specialists in AI, machine learning, and sustainability, analysts of data, business intelligence, information security, and fintech and robotics engineers.

Researchers at the World Economic Forum said the lost jobs are being wiped out by automation, digitization, and the rise of AI systems, including chatbots like ChatGPT, as well as soaring inflation and slower economic growth.

The news comes as big tech companies like Facebook and Amazon have been announcing massive layoffs since the end of last year.

As The Daily Fetched reported last year, World Economic Forum lead advisor and Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man, Yuval Noah Harari, predicted humans would soon be rendered economically and militarily “redundant.”

“We just don’t need the vast majority of the population,” he said during an interview with Chris Anderson, the head of TED.

Harari also said that people would need to “let go” of the human experience and embrace a virtual reality world where they would need to relearn how to see and walk.

“Maybe the most important quality to survive and flourish in the 21st century is to have mental flexibility — not just to keep learning and changing again and again — [but] also to keep letting go,” Harari said.

“Part of what makes it difficult to learn new things [is] that we hold on. I’ll give an example of how deep it goes: it’s not just what you learned in college or what you learned in kindergarten; it’s even what you learned as a baby, as a toddler, like learning how to see or learning how to walk,” he added.

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gale storm
gale storm
1 month ago

Scary stuff…sorry charlie, not gonna happen! This must be the reason for the c***d v*****e boosters killing people with mycarditis….Euthenasia becoming legal everywhere…depopulate….euthanize terminally ill people. apocalyptic!

Last edited 1 month ago by gale storm
Let's Go Brandon
Let's Go Brandon
1 month ago

The members of the WEF should no longer exist, they are a danger to the Human race. The WEF and UN must be ended.

1 month ago

RE “Yuval Harari”

Yuval Harari, Schwab’s WEF’s frontman psychopath [], who is sold as an intellectual “genius” or “prophet” by this crazy world is the person who called you and me and all other commoners “useless people” [] — while millions of those “useless people” have been buying and recommending his books like candy (to learn his “lessons”), serving him very usefully. It’s one proof that most people anywhere are stupid and crazy (while “thinking” they’re intelligent).

The SELECTIVE narrative Harari choses (STEERING and CONTROLLING what you should believe []) to describe and categorize h**o sapiens’ “cognitive revolution” omits the key human elements (ie self-delusion, grandiosity, manipulation, deception, lunacy — all of which shine thru for any lucid reader of his ‘Sapiens’ book and other works of his biased propaganda (that serves to normalize transhumanism), and that he himself engages in and manifests!) that has led humans to be largely destructive and therefore not being wise (sapiens) at all.

Instead, manipulative Harari’s self-serving focus has been for many years on humans’ capacity to believe fictional stories and therefore can be controlled via narrative, fictional or not, as long as everyone believes the same story — the official story, the authorized narrative, such on 9/11 or on c***d, etc. This interplay of human capacity to trust and follow “official” narratives AND the major controllers of these authorized narratives, ie the psychopathic authorities in power, is coherently explained by the reality-based theory of “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” …***d-19-coronavirus.html … which curates the human condition and the crazy world we always have lived in.

“Separate what you know from what you THINK you know.” — Unknown

Even just somewhat more coherent intellectuals as psychopathic Harari have also recognized Harari’s ethics-empty “extremely dangerous” propaganda (while still naively, self-foolingly and falsely believing Harari is “brilliant”) []. The production of such “persuasive” but extremely dangerous propaganda a la Harari is of course typical of psychopaths [see 2 Married Pink Elephants essay].

“You don’t live in a free country. And no, it’s not because they make you pay taxes or that time they made you wear a mask or whatever. The real reason you don’t live in a free country is much, much bigger than that: you don’t live in a free country because the minds of your countrymen are imprisoned. Westerners think they’re free because they can say whatever they want and vote however they want, but WHAT THEY WANT is controlled by mass-scale psychological manipulation. Being able to speak and vote as you wish is meaningless if the powerful CONTROL WHAT IT IS THAT YOU WISH.” — Caitlin Johnstone, Independent Journalist

“The term ‘artificial intelligence’ would lose its glamour (and its enormous value to hand-waving snake oil salesmen) if it said “dumb routine calculation at massive speed and scale”. But that’s what it is — and here is the essential point: such an ability to calculate does not equal human intelligence. AI does not ‘understand’ anything.” —Alan Mitchell



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