New York Times: Equestrian Helmets Are ‘Racist’

New York Times: Equestrian Helmets Are 'Racist'

The far-left New York Times published an in-depth piece about what they claim is a new source of racism, equestrian helmets.

According to The Times, equestrian helmets don’t accommodate dreadlocks; therefore, they are non-inclusive of black people.

However, NYT writer McKenna Oxenden’s argument that equestrian helmets are racist could actually be racist in itself, mainly because she assumes it’s only black people who have dreadlocks when, in fact, all different races sport that hairstyle. Perhaps the article title should have been rewritten to say such helmets are non-inclusive of dreadlocks and leave race out of it.

One black rider’s mother lamented: “Mostly everything in this sport isn’t designed for us.”

Chanel Robbins “has been riding horses most of her life, ever since her grandmother traded a cow from their family’s farm in Ontario for a pony when she was 7,” the Times writes.

Horse riding “offered an escape from thoughts that weighed on her,” which included the fact that “she was the only Black girl in the neighborhood.”

However, when she grew dreadlocks, she found she could no longer wear the helmet because it didn’t fit, so it must be racist.

“I finally freaking feel like myself, and now society is asking me to change. I just want to be able to ride.” How dare Whitey do this! Is there nothing to which he will not stoop? Poor Chanel Robbins can only find relief on the back of a horse from the systemic racism that confronts her every hour in Amerikkka, but now Whitey has taken even that away!” Robbins said.

PJ Media’s Robert Spencer hilariously writes in his article, helmets companies are going to have a tough job making their helmets bigger to combat racism.

As Spencer writes:

This most first-world of all first-world problems brings Oscar Gamble to mind. Baseball fans of a certain age will remember Mr. Gamble, who played major league baseball in the 1970s while sporting an Afro of truly awe-inspiring proportions. In my neighborhood, baseball cards featuring Oscar Gamble with his baseball cap stuck on the massive thing, making his head and hair look like three planets of roughly similar size orbiting in close proximity to one another, were a coveted commodity. Many marveled at his hair, some dared to laugh, but Gamble himself took it all in stride. Never once did he demand that the people who manufactured baseball caps fashion one large enough to go around his huge hair. The white kids who played baseball in the 1970s often had long hair also, and got used to having it mashed uncomfortably under the cap. In life, sometimes one must put up with a bit of discomfort, or sacrifice one desired item in order to obtain another. But that was before everything, and I do mean everything, became racist.

And so now the Times tells us that Caitlin Gooch, “who wears her hair in locs that fall to her mid-back,” takes her riding helmet along when she gets her hair done, “to ensure it will still fit.” That’s perfectly reasonable and sensible. If someone wants some extravagant hairstyle, it might cause difficulties in other areas. Sometimes one must choose between the two. But Gooch “started teaching riding lessons” and “found herself having to tell children they couldn’t ride if there was no helmet that properly fit them.” This was, once again, perfectly reasonable, but apparently it’s a new and heinously racist offense in the Times’ dizzy and ugly world.

And so the Times contacted “several prominent equestrian helmet manufacturers,” only to be told that these insensitive and no doubt white-owned corporations “were not aware that many Black riders struggled with helmet fit. Others said they recognized that it was an issue and were working to address it, while cautioning that bringing a new helmet to market is a costly undertaking that can take years.”

But Helmet Justice can’t wait: the Times “spoke with nearly a dozen Black riders, several of whom described searches for properly fitting helmets that dragged on for months or even years. Some said they had been turned away from equestrian stores by employees who said they couldn’t help them. A few said they had manipulated helmets by stuffing them or cutting the lining.” Oh, the humanity!

The Times article ends on a melancholy note; Whitey isn’t going to end this Bull-Connoring of equestrian helmets anytime soon. Chauntel Smith, co-founder of CREW Urban Youth Equestrians, says putting on a helmet “is like reopening a wound every time.” Another black rider adds: “It certainly doesn’t make me feel included.” Well, that’s going to change now, and pronto. Maybe every equestrian helmet will be made to be several sizes too large, so that just in case the rider has dreadlocks, he will experience Helmet Justice. The rest of us, especially those systemically racist white riders, will have to be content with head injuries.

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6 months ago

Soon, O2 is racist, because it’s not colored black/brown. And YOU must be genocided for it…

It’s coming, be prepared.

6 months ago

what….. “One black rider’s mother lamented: “Mostly everything in this sport isn’t designed for us.” Are you “F”ing kidding me. You got two legs you idiot, then maybe you should go find a donkey and ride it into h**l for all we care. KEEP YOUR GD RACISM TO YOURSELF.

Do you people out there in La La Land understand that if a Black Woman declares such about equestrian hobbies then she is more than likely more well-to-do than you. and here she is complaining about hats and clothes or maybe about the saddle because of her big fat aassss….. IS THERE NOTHING THAT BLACKS WON’T ATTACH RACISM TO???

Reply to  Rumplestiltskin
6 months ago

once again, every white person has to change everything they do just because a black person isn’t happy. the most racist people in the world are black people who have been taught all their lives that only whites can be racist. it’s time for white people to grow a backbone and tell blacks to drop dead.

6 months ago

the answer to “racist” is SO WHAT. every white person should reply with that whenever the racist card is played.



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