Frenzied Portland Homeless Man Smashes Car with People Inside; Cops Do Nothing – WATCH

Frenzied Portland Homeless Man Smashes Car with People Inside Cops Do Nothing

A Portland drug counselor revealed the terrifying moment a frenzied homeless man smashed the windows of his car with a rock before tormenting bystanders.

Kevin Dahlgren, one of many victims of the Oregon city’s rampant homeless epidemic, accused the police of doing nothing to protect its citizens.

“I thought he was going to make it inside my car,” the counselor told Fox News. “It was terrifying.”

Dahlgren said the attack occurred when he investigated a report of a homeless man “acting crazy” in the Portland area before his car was attacked.


As The Daily Mail reports:

He quickly came face to face with the snarling attacker, who began striking and throwing rocks at the car window between them.

A photograph taken after the terrifying encounter showed the wild rampage also led his windscreen to be smashed by a rock.

Despite the unnamed assailant also reportedly going on to smash a nearby restaurant window, throw rocks at other passing cars, and charge onto a bus, Dahlgren said police declined to follow up with the crazed attacker.

“He ran at me full speed, nearly smashed my driver’s side window,” the drug counselor added.

Dahlgren slammed the reaction of police to the terrifying clash, saying: “They kept asking, “Is he a danger to himself or others?” and I was like “Yeah, I’d say he is a danger to others!”

“I witnessed him breaking a window; I witnessed him harassing other people; I witnessed him throwing rocks at cars.”

Dahlgren said he initially called a mental health outreach team to report the attack but said: ‘They just wouldn’t come, so I finally gave up and called the police… unfortunately, the police said they weren’t going to pursue.

“I’m thinking in my mind, what does it take to get someone like this help? Who is supposed to help this person if not the people we pay to help? It was really frustrating,” he said.

Dahlgren has previously referred to the city as ‘an open-air psych ward,’ and he added that his recent attack reiterated his belief that it is ‘dangerous now for everybody.’

“Also, there’s the mentally ill that are vulnerable and are being victimized every day. Oregon is last place when it comes to a prevalence of mental illness and 43rd place in the United States with their needs being unmet,” he said.

“We’re doing a really, really terrible job with mental health type services in this state.”

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1 month ago

It’s the last days.

1 month ago

This is the government you elected. Did you expect the police to act differently? You were previously advised to leave the State but you elected to remain. So, tough noogies.

Capt. Bligh
Capt. Bligh
1 month ago

Only an iron-fisted warlord can control the USA of today. That is what the tyrannical elite-class has striven for these many years.

1 month ago

What law enforcement wants you to do and what you want to do are two different things. Tough call for me. Come back later when the place is closed and have another go.

1 month ago

All part of the plan, unfortunately; make the cities uninhabitable. Wait till almost everyone that can moves out, abandons all hope and their property. Then hose them off, move in, pick up the whole shebang for a couple of cents on the dollar, get federal state and local money to help rebuild; make a killing on condo and store sales, watch it happen.

1 month ago

Maybe this is why the police refused to respond to this malevolent miscreant…
Oregon HB 3501: The State of Oregon’s Democrats introduced a new bill in the legislature, the “Right to Rest Act.” 
Under HB3501, homeless individuals can have “a privacy interest and a reasonable expectation of privacy in any property belonging to the person, regardless of whether the property is located in a public space.” This essentially grants the individual rights to treat public spaces like their own private residence “without discrimination and time limitations based on housing status.” The bill also allows homeless individuals to sue for up to $1,000 if swept, told to relocate, or otherwise “harassed” as per the bill.



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