Two-Thirds of San Francisco Residents Plan to Flee Due to Crime, Homelessness

Two-Thirds of San Francisco Residents Plan to Flee Due to Crime, Homelessness

Two-thirds of San Francisco Residents say their city has rapidly declined due to homelessness, crime, and soaring house prices, while a third say they are planning to escape within three years.

A new poll surveyed 1,653 adults from the city, finding that 65 percent said the city was declining, while 37 percent said they plan to live elsewhere in three years.

The city, famed for its Golden Gate Bridge and colorful ‘Painted Ladies’ homes, is being destroyed by Democratic leadership.

The city is now described as a “rancid drug-ravaged pit of human misery” as it becomes another failed city under Democratic leadership.

The Daily Mail reported:

The San Francisco Chronicle carried out the survey after the recall election of progressive District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who was ousted in June amid frustration over public safety in the profoundly Democratic city.

Respondents largely agreed on the city’s top problems: Homelessness took first place, followed by public safety and housing costs. Nearly 70 percent said they doubted those problems would improve in three years.

One respondent, Dae Echols, 53, told The Chronicle he was ‘fed up with the city’ and rising prices would likely force him to retire elsewhere. The average rent in San Francisco has been increased to $3,750 per month.

“I just remember the hippie generation, and it was all about take care of your friends, brotherly love. And that is totally gone,” said Echols.

Some respondents hit out at Mayor London Breed, whose earlier popularity for steering the city through the pandemic appears to have waned amid widespread homelessness, property crime, the fentanyl epidemic, and other woes.

Some 35 percent said Breed had done a poor or very poor job making San Francisco a better place to live and work these past three years, while 42 percent said she’d done a fair job and 23 percent an excellent or good job.

Americans are escaping Democrat-run cities

As The Daily Fetched reported earlier this year, a reprort from the real estate brokerage site Redfin, Americans are now relocating to more affordable metro areas.

Redfin reveals an all-time high of 32.6 percent of its users “looked to move from one metro to another in the second quarter, up slightly from 32.3% in the first quarter and roughly 26% before the pandemic.”

Unsurprisingly, eight of the top ten cities with the highest outflows of residents are Democrat-run cities, while the other two cities are Washington, DC, and Boston, Massachusetts.

Charlie Baker, the Bay State’s governor, is a Republican, but Massachusetts has also gone blue in every presidential election since 1984.

These are the ten cities with the highest net outflows of residents, and they are all led by left-leaning mayors:

San Francisco, CA – Net Outflow: 48,718
Los Angeles, CA – Net Outflow: 40,632
New York, NY – Net Outflow: 35,165
Washington, DC– Net Outflow: 24,492
Seattle, WA – Net Outflow: 18,594
Boston, MA – Net Outflow: 12,492
Detroit, MI – Net Outflow: 7,334
Denver, CO – Net Outflow: 5,635
Chicago, IL – Net Outflow: 4,769
Minneapolis, MN – Net Outflow: 2,795

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Lord Nikon
18 days ago

KEEP them in CALIFORNIA. They voted for it you now wallow in your poop!

wesley bruce
wesley bruce
18 days ago

There is an error in the listing if cities Los Angeles, CA is listed twice.

17 days ago

The headline states that 2/3 of SF’s residents plan to flee the city, but the article says that that number is 1/3 who plan to leave within three years. While 1/3 is a large number of people, it is not 2/3. The headline writer either didn’t read the article carefully, didn’t read it at all, or didn’t understand it, and where were the editors?

Last edited 17 days ago by Amy
Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy
17 days ago

Now most of those idjits have moved to red cities/states and can’t wait to vote the same crappy way the did before … the want to do to the red cities/states what they did to the blues cities/states they left

Last edited 17 days ago by Jack Kennedy



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