The Trump Raid Effect: Ohio Voters Ditch Democrats for Republicans, Poll Shows

The Trump Raid Effect: Ohio Voters Ditch Democrats for Republicans, Poll Shows

The recent FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home is working in the former President’s favor as polls now show voters in Ohio are flipping from Democrat to Republican.

The Trump-backed Republican nominee for Ohio’s open U.S. Senate seat, J.D. Vance, and Republicans have overtaken Democrats in the state.

According to the most recent Emerson College poll, Vance leads Ryan by three points.

45 percent of the 925 general election voters said they would vote for Vance over the 42 percent who would vote for Ryan, the poll revealed.

Four percent said someone else, while ten percent were undecided.

Executive Director of Emerson College polling Spencer Kimball said:

“Both Vance and Ryan have strong bases of support, and the race tightens to a one-point lead for Vance among the very motivated and very likely voters in Ohio. Whereas Vance leads by a larger margin among somewhat likely and somewhat motivated voters.”

Last week, Vance told Fox News that addressing the border crisis is at the top of his agenda

Vance ties to the influx of fentanyl and sex trafficking in the U.S., combating inflation he believes can be curbed by investing in U.S. energy and emboldening parents regarding their children’s education. – Fox News

Red wave

Meanwhile, Republicans also lead with double digits on the generic congressional ballot.

The Republicans hold a ten-point lead over the Democrats on the Ohio generic congressional ballot, 51 percent to 41 percent, with eight percent undecided.

President Joe Biden has an approval rating of just 39 percent and a 56 percent disapproval in Ohio.

Trump also leads with a majority of the vote with 53 percent compared to the 39 percent who would vote for Biden, according to a hypothetical 2024 poll.

The news comes just over a week following the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago, showing 39 percent of Ohio voters are “more likely” to support Trump if he runs for President in 2024.

This is compared to the 35 percent who said the FBI raid made them “less likely” to support Trump, while 27 percent said the raid “makes no difference” in their voting decisions.

The Emerson College poll was conducted between August 15 to 16, asking the questions to 925 somewhat and very likely general election voters.

The poll also had a margin of error of 3.2 percent.

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Frank C Gilbert
Frank C Gilbert
1 month ago

While Vance is not my choice, there is no way I could vote for Ryan who is as left as the squad.

1 month ago

Tim Ryan; the Gavin Newsome of Ohio.



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