RINO Bill Barr: Durham Report Doesn’t Make Trump Right Person to Be President

RINO Bill Barr Durham Report Doesn-t Make Trump Right Person to Be President

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr said that while the John Durham report vindicates former President Donald Trump, it does not make him the right person to be president.

Durham’s report concluded that the FBI had zero evidence to support their investigation into Trump and found “sobering” differences in how the FBI approached the Trump probe compared to other politically sensitive investigations.

Trump faced an onslaught of media attacks due to the investigation throughout the four years of his presidency.

However, Bill Barr thinks the revelations in the Durham report are insufficient to support Trump’s return to the White House.

The RINO Republican told Fox News anchor Bret Baier that Durham’s report was a “success” because it has led to “changes” at the DOJ and FBI,

Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the left-wing media pushed the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy for years, leading to millions of dollars of tax money being spent on investigations.

“Let’s not forget what the lie was. The lie was Russiagate,” Barr said.

“The lie was, there was collusion. There was nothing to support it.”

“This is one of the greatest injustices done to a presidential candidate and a president, Barr added.

“And he was treated unfairly here,” Barr said. “So, he is vindicated as far as Russiagate is concerned.”

Barr went on to say Trump “had great policies, that he deserved a lot of credit for what he accomplished, and this was a grave injustice.”

“And the fact that he was able to accomplish a lot in the face of it, I think, was a great achievement,” Barr said.

“I have other problems. I’m not supporting him for renomination, but he was right on this. And this is a vindication. He had it right from the beginning.”

Barr was asked again about the 2024 Republican Party primary for president.

Then Barr dropped the bombshell...

“And I have nothing personal against him, and there’s no — I have no antipathy toward him at all,” Barr began.

“But I just don’t think he’s the right leader for the Republican Party going forward,” Barr said.

“I think people who want to restore America should look for a big victory that brings strength into the Congress and allows us to achieve some fundamental changes. And I don’t think he’s capable of delivering that kind of victory.”

Barr said he believes Trump has the best chance of losing to Biden of any of the Republicans running or likely to run.

Barr said his concern is “even if he won,” Trump “would wipe out Republicans in the Congress because of the vast turnout that would occur just to vote against him.”

Earlier this week, War Room host Steve Bannon called the Durham investigation a “clown show,” calling Durham another RINO in the likes of Bill Barr.

WATCH: Devin Nunes: Those Responsible for Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Should Face Trial


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23 days ago

Bill Barr is a Washington “cocktail party Democrat” so let us stop kidding ourselves about that.
Barr is the “poster boy” for the kind of person that Trump should never appoint to a cabinet position. Competence and locality are co-equal qualifications for people that presidents should surround themselves with. I hope that Trump has learned this important fact.

23 days ago

Sure Billy Boy. Because if Trump becomes President,you’ll have a lot of explaining to do. In fact, you might just get jail time.

23 days ago

The Deep State tested Trump.
The Democrat party tested Trump.
The world tested Trump.
Big Media tested Trump.
The Obama-Biden-Clinton criminal enterprise tested Trump

Trump won every time.
Trump is more than qualified and ready to finally get a full term as POTUS.

23 days ago

Trump didn’t cause problems for the Republican Party, the GOP elitist did. Most of the GOP elitists have globalist leanings and that is the danger they represent.

23 days ago

One of the reasons that makes Trump a good candidate for president, is the fact that this jooish shill for the deep stated opposes him

Kathy Jenn
Kathy Jenn
23 days ago

Barr did not do his job – no matter what he thinks

23 days ago

Point him to the donuts if you want him to shut up.

23 days ago

Bill Barr is good at his job. His job was to burrow inside the Trump administration and undermine it from the inside. Now his job is to see that Trump does not become president again and undo all the work the Davos crowd has done since they gained control of the Western Democracies in latter third of the Twentieth Century.

Clean up aisle 5
Clean up aisle 5
23 days ago

Bit the report shows what a POS Bill Barr was & continues to be. His opinion should be wiped quickly from the bottom of our shoes.

Colt Baldwin
Colt Baldwin
22 days ago

No, Dips*it, but massive, systemic, nationwide election fraud does.

Last edited 22 days ago by Colt Baldwin



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