Pentagon Doctors: 7-Year-Olds Can Consent to Be Injected with Puberty Blockers

Pentagon Doctors: 7-Year-Olds Can Consent to Be Injected with Puberty Blockers

Pentagon doctors have claimed that children as young as seven can consent to be injected with gender altering drugs such as puberty blockers.

Healthcare providers argued in favor of the so-called “gender-affirming” care system for children with gender dysphoria.

In the American Journal of Public Health, the Pentagon healthcare providers advocated for “gender-affirming health care’ such as puberty blockers and gender affirming hormones.

They also claimed that “youths … have an inherent ability and right to consent to gender-affirming therapy,” Breitbart reported.

The authors, David A. Klein, Thomas Baxter, Noelle S. Larson, and clinical psychologist Natasha A. Schvey, Ph.D., said the military should train providers with a “gender-affirming” model of care.

However, 53 percent of physicians associated with the military said they would refuse to provide hormones.

According to the authors, waiting for children to grow out of gender dysphoria would be unethical for providers.

The paper reads:

Some well-intentioned military-affiliated clinicians may not be aware that a ‘watchful waiting’ approach has a different risk profile than a gender-affirmative approach (which allows for gender identity exploration) and that ‘conversion therapy’ is unethical, harmful, and generally illegal.

When Fox News asked the DoD whether it intended to offer training to support the “gender-affirming” model of care, it stated, “The Department of Defense will train its health care providers in keeping with current science and best medical evidence.”

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb of an organization against anti-radical ideologies, Do No Harm, blasted the claims made in the paper, saying, “The notion that 7-year-old children are capable of such decisions is beyond laughable.”

“The existence of a large, perhaps as much as 25% cohort of ‘detransitioners,’ suggests the folly of assuming the soundness of childhood decisions,” he also stated.

The providers also remarked:

Clinicians… may be forced to choose between withholding… treatments to act in accordance with state law, and providing ethical and evidence-based treatment while facing legal or financial persecution, dishonorable military service, or allegations of child abuse.

​​”The DHA should also make a commitment to defending clinicians and families who render gender-affirming care to minors in accordance with DHA legal guidance from prosecution under state laws or policies that criminalize this care,” the doctors also said.

The providers argued the DoD should “leverage its robust, intact systems” to “sponsor research” on “military outcomes associated with access to timely gender-affirming care.”

The Pentagon told Fox News, “The Department of Defense provides federally authorized care in its military medical treatment facilities in accordance with applicable law.”

Goldfarb argued, “Just because a child states that they understand the implications of gender transitioning does not mean that they can conceive of their future regrets.”

He added:

These physicians should exam the literature and face the reality that the reason that Finland, Norway, Denmark, and the U.K. have opted to severely restrict the use of puberty blockers and sex-characteristic altering hormones is that we have little if any evidence that we are not hurting more children that we are helping.

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Steve Jordan
2 months ago

Welcome to Clown 🤡 World 🌍

2 months ago

Why would the pentagon have any interest in 7 year old children? What’s more, 7 year old children consenting to puberty blockers?

John Hinman
John Hinman
2 months ago

So your telling me if a 7 year old girl walked in to one of these lunatics offices and said I want to be boy they would simply oblige?
One, how does a 7 year old go anywhere other than school without their parents?
The only place a child can be manipulated without parents knowledge is our school system and unfortunately for us it’s run by Evil, power & greed hungry criminals of the Left with a political agenda to transform our youth into compliant, reliant on government, Misfits that they presume will be Democrat voters.
I don’t believe any legitimate Doctor can approve of touching any child without Parents approval until that child reaches legal age.

Col. Douglas Mortimer (ret)
Reply to  John Hinman
2 months ago

It is apparent that mystical mind control does in fact exist.

Col. Douglas Mortimer (ret)
2 months ago

I guess it would follow that, given 7 year olds can make an adult decision, 7 year olds can join the military. Hey, why not? It seems that the Pentagon is staffed with adults that possess a 7 year olds mentality.

1 month ago

The perversion is so pervasive it’s astounding.
Ephesians 6:
12 because we have a struggle, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places.
13 For this reason take up the complete suit of armor from God, so that you may be able to resist in the wicked day and, after you have accomplished everything, to stand firm.

Last edited 1 month ago by bill



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