Joy Reid Agrees Christianity Is a ‘Justification for Slavery and Genocide’ – WATCH

Joy Reid Agrees Christianity Is a Justification for Slavery and Genocide

Race-baiting MSNBC host Joy Reid agreed with her guest’s claim that Christianity came from “the roots of white supremacy in America extend even deeper, to a little-known 15th century Catholic Church doctrine.”

Reid’s guest was Public Religion Research Institute founder and president Robert Jones, who is the author of the book, “The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy: and the Path to a Shared American Future.”

“Well, I should say that this is something actually fairly new to me. I have a Ph.D. in religion, I studied a lot of American religious history, and this idea of the Doctrine of Discovery was fairly new,” Jones said.

“So what it is, it’s a set of 15th-century Christian doctrines that were designed to answer the problem of what do we do with all these people we just encountered in these lands that we didn’t know about, right, in the 1400s. And so who do the Christian princes and queens and kings appeal to but the head of the Christian church?” he said.

According to Jones, all of Western Europe embraced the idea, calling it a Christian doctrine.

“And this, I should say it is a Catholic doctrine, but this is before the Catholic-Protestant split, so it is a Christian doctrine for all of Western Europe here,” he said.

Jones added that a doctrine from the Pope says that “the defining characteristic is whether or not these people are Christian or not.”


“If they are not Christian and if they are not already subjugated by a Christian power, then they essentially have no human rights,” he said.

“And it goes on to explicitly spell out that they have the right to occupy, conquer, kill, steal their goods, and then this phrase like is like literally in the document, something that still rings in my head, and to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery,” he added.

Reid jumped in to support Jones’ idea.

“And so this is what gives license in their minds to European colonizers to try to enslave indigenous people, to wipe them out if they resist in any way, and to enslave Africans,’ Reid said.

“That’s how they do it and still in their minds, advance the interests of Christianity,” she said.

Jones agreed.

“It’s worth remembering this is the version of Christianity that lands on these shores and in fact, motivates the landing on these shores, and I think one of the things I’ve become convinced of and one of the reasons why — at the heart of this new book is that this idea that this country is intended by God to be a promise land for European Christians is very much still with us,” Jones said.

Jones also claimed in an interview with the Guardian that many Americans are trying to restore the past, insisting that it was brought ashore by those adhering to the Catholic doctrine.

“Go back and understand they really do believe that this country was divinely ordained to be a promised land for European Christians,” he added.

“That idea is so old and so deep it explains in many ways the visceral reactivity. Why are we fighting today about AP African-American history? Arkansas banned it, Florida’s been fighting it, and it’s because it tells this alternative story about the country that’s not just settlers, pioneers — a naive mythology of innocence,” he said.

Jones claimed resident Donald Trump has capitalized on that sentiment.

“I’ve always thought that, in Trump’s MAGA slogan, the most powerful word is not about America being great; it’s the ‘again’ part,” she said.

“It’s this nostalgia tinged with loss. What have we lost, and who’s the ‘we’ that have lost something? If you just ask those questions, it’s pretty clear. It’s the formerly dominant white Christians who were culturally dominant, demographically dominant, politically dominant and are no longer,” Jones concluded.

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12 days ago

There is no “supremacy” in being a follower of Jesus. Reid and her guest apparently don’t understand the concept on a substantive level. It seems as though she purports to accept the most bizarre beliefs and sensationalist concepts in order to get ratings. I suppose there is an audience for that.

Too bad they didn’t discuss the Christian contribution to the defeat of slavery in England and America. The countless Christians who gave their lives fighting to end slavery in the states. Not to mention the Christian doctrine that elevates women above chattel. (See: Christ appeared to a woman first after His resurrection).

Last edited 12 days ago by Californian7
12 days ago

Reid is the embodiment of evil. Her hatred is unequalled contemporaneously. Horrible representative of the black community. But nothing like having a super racist as one of your talking heads…well done MSNBC. Between her and Joe ‘the backstabber” Scarborough, they make quite a pair.

12 days ago

Democrats are sick, twisted, psychotic rabid animals, not to mention the stupidest, most ignorant, parasitic biomasses on the planet. Shun ALL democrats: they are pure evil.

Reply to  mazzzzz
11 days ago

I’ve come to the conclusion that demoncrats are evil as well. This is a party that booed at the mention of God during their National Convention. The things they advocate for are pure evil and they have twisted morals around to where what was right is now wrong, facts are hate speech as is truth and so on. If you knowingly put the “D” after your name, you support evil. Show me a man’s friends and I’ll show you the man.

Keith Diggs
Keith Diggs
12 days ago

Christianity was given to black people BEFORE White Europeans. I don’t expect these idiots with their “degrees in religion” to know this . In the 8th chapter of the Book of Acts, Acts 8:27-39, Philip is told by the Holy Spirit to join himself to the group traveling with the Eunuch who is the Treasurer of Ethiopia (Ethiopians are Black Ms Reid!). Philip preaches to him and baptizes him in water they just “came upon” in the desert. This is how Christianity came to Africa not some empire building that happened more than 1200 years later.



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