Jim Jordan: Trump Indictment “Is about Going after Anyone Who Opposes the Left’s Agenda”

Jim Jordan: Trump Indictment Is about Going after Anyone Who Opposes the Left’s Agenda

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan threatened to defund the FBI and the DOJ for engaging in election interference in their repeated attempts to go after president Donald Trump in the wake of his indictment.

Jordan told Fox News: “The key is to get the facts on the table. We’re doing that with all kinds of issues where we think agencies have been turned against the very American people they’re supposed to serve.”

“So you get the facts on the table, and then you look at legislation,” Jordan continued.

“Our job is we’re legislators. Our job is to pass legislation, write laws and pass legislation. So we’ll look at that,” he added.

“We control the power of the purse, and that’s — we’re going to have to look at the appropriations process and limit funds going to some of these agencies, particularly the ones engaged in the most egregious behavior,” Jordan emphasized.

Host Maria Bartiromo asked Jordan to clarify, “So the DOJ and the FBI?”

“Yeah. And what I’d really like, frankly, I’d really like for the government just to stay out of the election process,” Jordan responded, highlighting how those agencies have repeatedly targeted Trump.


“2016, they spied on his campaign. 2018, the Mueller investigation. 2020 they suppressed the hunter Biden story. 2022, they raid his home 91 days before an election, and now 2024 election, the leading candidate for the presidential nomination, they indict the former president and top candidate who’s leading in every poll,” the Congressman pointed out.

“Just let ‘We, The People’ decide who we want to elect and stay out of the election process, for goodness sake,” Jordan urged.

Jim Jordan added that the attacks on Trump which have now resulted in his indictment, were an attack on the American people by the corrupt justice system.

“This involves all of us. I don’t think it’s an accident that the same week we learned that the IRS knocked on Matt Taibbi’s door while he’s testifying in Congress,” he said.

“That same week is when we learned a district attorney, a left-wing district attorney, a Soros-backed district attorney is going to go after the former President of the United States.”

Jordan continued:

“I mean, that is a scary thing, that they paid a foreigner. Think about this. They paid a foreigner to put together a fake dossier to spy on President Trump’s campaign,” Jordan said.

“The FTC sends letters to Twitter demanding who are the journalists you’re talking to. And then, of course, when Matt Taibbi is testifying, the IRS is knocking on his door and now an indictment of a former president, the guy who happens to be leading in every single poll,” he added,

“This is about all of us. This is about going after anyone who opposes the left’s agenda, the establishment’s agenda,” Jordan stated.


“And that’s maybe the most scary thing of all.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyer James Trusty said Trump is “worried that he is literally the first person subjected to this new model of upside-down justice, of political persecution.”

“And you know if you let the genie out of the bottle with this new mode of prosecution, it’s not going to go back by itself,” Trusty continued.

“It’s going to be a problem for generations, and I think he’s very aware of that very concerned and certainly has a strong voice opposing it.”

“At the end of the day, he’s frustrated for the country,” Trusty said of Trump, adding, “I think that’s starting to kind of creep out and resonate.”


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Lumpy Jones
Lumpy Jones
1 month ago

Stop talking about ‘scary things’ and do something about it, Jim.

Restrict mail-in ballots. Outlaw electronic voting.

All citizens have rights and responsibilities.
One such responsibility is to vote in person on election day, with a paper ballot, with ink on your thumb signifying your patriotism.
There are no shortcuts to freedom. It takes work to maintain a democracy.

Yes, defund the DOJ and the FBI. That’s a given. Defund the ATF as well. They never did anything of value anyway.

But do not forget to focus on the compromised election system. In its current state, we will only see more and more of a slide into Soviet-style politics. And that is exactly why the opposition will always distract from and defend mail-in and electronic voting to their dying breath. It is their ace-in-the-hole.

“The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.” Joseph Stalin



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