George Soros Responds to Claims He’s Funding Manhattan DA Bragg as “Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories”

George Soros Responds to Claims He's Funding Manhattan DA Bragg as Right Wing Conspiracy Theories

Leftist mega-donor George Soros responded to Republcians calling out his funding of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and his politically motivated investigation that led to President Trump’s indictment.

“I don’t know” Bragg, Soros claimed.

George Soros also claimed he did not contribute any money to Bragg or his campaign to become district attorney.

Soros’ response came after many GOP members denounced Bragg as being backed and funded by the billionaire.

“I think some on the right would rather focus on far-fetched conspiracy theories than on the serious charges against the former president,” Soros said.

Soros has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Color of Change PAC, which endorsed Bragg and funded his candidacy.

Soros has been making large donations to Democratic candidates for many years, most notably left-wing prosecutors who allow cities across America to crumble under exploding crime.

Open Society Foundations poured at least $35 million into anti-police groups in 2021, according to tax forms.

Soros has bankrolled many anti-police groups and initiatives working on efforts to overhaul the criminal justice system in recent years.

The billionaire has also backed dozens of far-left prosecutors, including Kimberly Graham, who received more than $300,000 in backing for her Polk County Attorney Democratic primary election.

Meanwhile, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán slammed Soros for meddling with the Hungarian justice system via his shady donations.

More evidence of Soros’s meddling came earlier this month when we reported on another Soros-funded prosecutor facing an angry backlash from police after declining to charge a potential school shooter.

As The Daily Fetched reported:

Fox News reported that the unnamed suspect shooter in Bell Gardens, California, reportedly posted threats to a school on social media and was later caught with stolen guns, high-capacity magazines, and body armor.

But Bell Gardens police later revealed that George Soros funded L.A District Attorney George Gascon had initially declined to press charges against the suspect.

“On March 21, 2023, the filing District Attorney at Downey Superior Court initially rejected the entire case, stating they needed additional information regarding the criminal threat,” the police said.

The police could not believe that a potential mass shooter could be allowed to escape charges.

Earlier this year, Soros attempted to defend his support for electing radical prosecutors describing the “false choice” between “justice” and public safety.

Soros wrote in The Wall Street Journal:

“We need to acknowledge that black people in the U.S. are five times as likely to be sent to jail as white people. That is an injustice that undermines our democracy.”

“In recent years, reform-minded prosecutors and other law-enforcement officials around the country have been coalescing around an agenda that promises to be more effective and just.”

“This agenda includes prioritizing the resources of the criminal-justice system to protect people against violent crime.”

“It urges that we treat drug addiction as a disease, not a crime. And it seeks to end the criminalization of poverty and mental illness.”

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2 months ago

Im not a big Trump fan personally, but now I hope he gets back into office and drone strikes this scumbag, along with many treasonous Democrats.

Michael Peinsipp
Reply to  Noname
2 months ago

THIS is who George Soros is…a NAZI Collaborator!

Alej Marcos
Alej Marcos
Reply to  Michael Peinsipp
2 months ago

… and George Bush Sr rescued the maggot from British justice ( for massively devaluing the Pound ), and got him fast-tracked to immigrate to America and citizenship.

The Bush family is some of the worst globalist anti-American bastards in this country.

Mike Peinsipp
Reply to  Alej Marcos
1 month ago

Soros is responsible for Ukraine too. Hungary wants Soros for Crimes against Humanity…his work with the NAZI Soldiers in WW2…or send him to Putin ciz Putin would ‘love’ to ‘talk’ to him…

2 months ago

Why is soros still walking free?! He is guilty of election interference, helping weaponize the American judicial system, his give aways to scum like bragg and price is bribery not election donation therefore he has broken campaign finance law. He is also without doubt a domestic terrorist by bankrolling these scum consequently is an existential threat to America.
So again I ask why is he tolerated and allowed to be free? He needs to be perp walked to prison.
For what is the emasculated GOP waiting? He is idi amin, hitler, mao, castro, xi rolled into one.

Mark Matis
Mark Matis
Reply to  bill
2 months ago

Same for Zuckerberg as well!
But then they are both Jews, so they cannot be touched!

Reply to  Mark Matis
2 months ago

Soros is NOT a Jew ! He collaborated with SS to raid Jewish homes and also got a portion of the loot derived from those raids. His parents were Jews and were exposed by George who was adopted by a SS officer in exchange for squealing on innocent Jews.

Reply to  Mark Matis
2 months ago

Zuckerberg is too young to be a Nazi collaborator. He also did not manipulate the British pound.

Zuckerberg did, however use $400million in tax deductible contributions to buy the election for Joey. He should at least be forced to lose his deductibility.

2 months ago

George Soros has a lot of blood on his hands. He has spread misery around the globe. Soros is a clear and present danger to the United States. Too bad we haven’t elected anyone that can deal with it!

Mike Peinsipp
Reply to  Chris
1 month ago

Actually, we did but for some d**n reason Trump did nothing…

Bill Peters
Bill Peters
2 months ago

Soros is an old ugly Mother F’r, i hope he burns in h**l for eternity

2 months ago

Since all the right wing conspiracies eventually come true S o R o S The Demon is doing exactly what he’s accused of.

James C. Goodall
2 months ago

Like everything else this corrupt administration has done, this will backfire bigly. 

They have set a number of very significant precedents: 

We can now raid any former president’s home with armed jackboot stormtroopers with trumped up bogus charges. Do you hear that Skidmark, Byteme, Frat Boy Clinton, and George W?  All former presidents, vice presidents, senior executive services appointees can now have all their homes, offices and family business raided by the Brown shirts.

All family members and their personal and business IRS records are now fair game. Do you on the left see that? You don’t seem to be able to see the long-term effect of this act of treason against a former President, do you? 

So, you file bogus and illegal criminal charges against a former president and you want him frog marched in an orange jump suit in manacles for the world to see your absolute stupidity. If you don’t think retribution is just around the corner, you’re a fool. But we already know that.

The Conservatives will be in power again, hopefully really soon, so what’s good for the radical left, the conservative now have the right to do the same. You guys on the left didn’t really think this one through, did you?

And your lockdown of the American population for the bogus scamdemic, you on the left had only one shot at making that work in your favor, and you failed. Lock downs will never happen again, we, the American public are on to you scams. 

Just take this into account, we the American public have over 200 million guns and a trillion or so rounds of ammunition. We will not go the ‘re-education camps’ without a lot of blood spilled on your side. Just think, over 6 million real combat veterans are on the conservative side of this. The left is pushing for a civil war, it will not end well for the communists.

And, we, the American Patriots, have God on our side.  

MSgt James C. Goodall, USAF/ANG (ret)

Reply to  James C. Goodall
2 months ago

Who are these conservatives who will be in power again? The last one I can think of as president was Reagan and that’s even questionable.

2 months ago

Georgy’s lawyers must have concocted his response: he deny that half a million of his dollars went to Fat Alvin’s campaign; he says that he has never met Fat Alvin. Big difference.

2 months ago

Hillary famously popularized the expression that the media was engaged in a vast right wing conspiracy when it was reported that Bill was having s*x in the oval office. As if she was unaware her husband was a serial philanderer.



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