FURY as WHO Pushes “Early Childhood Masturbation” for Toddlers

FURY as WHO Pushes Early Childhood Masturbation for Toddlers

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is facing backlash for its “disturbing” guidance for sexuality education for young toddlers, advocating “early masturbation.”

According to a WHO report aimed at European policymakers, urges for children under four-years-old should “ask questions about sexuality” and “explore gender identities.”

The official WHO guidance also pushes for toddlers under four to “enjoy and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation,” The Daily Mail reports.

The document also asserts that sexuality is present from birth.

“From birth, babies learn the value and pleasure of bodily contact, warmth, and intimacy. Soon after that, they learn what is ‘clean’ and what is ‘dirty,'” the document says, adding, “In other words, they are engaging in sexuality education.”

The WHO said, “Our guidelines reflect established psychological facts based on decades of research.”

GB News reporter Mark Dolan described the development as “sick” and said the WHO can “go to hell.”


Meanwhile, a Conservative shadow minister for education in Wales, Laura Anne Jones, called for the global health body to “rescind the advice immediately” and described it as “disturbing.”

Jones urged, “We must stop this pushing of harmful gender ideology into sex education in Wales and the UK, with immediate effect.”

Meanwhile, advocacy Group Safe Schools Alliance called for an “urgent inquiry” into potential links between the guidance and education policies.

“We find it extremely concerning that the UN and which are promoting an approach that is experimental, unscientific, and appears to be aligned to the work of unethical individuals and organizations, including those promoting the acceptance of pedophilia,” the organization recently asserted.

“We call upon them to revise their standards to align with a safeguarding-first approach that protects children while allowing them to develop a healthy and age-appropriate understanding of sex,” a statement further noted.

A Government spokesperson said: “The Government does not recognize this WHO guidance, and we don’t agree with its recommendations. We have not distributed or promoted it to schools.”

“We offer our own guidance to help schools to teach children and young people about relationships and health.”

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