Former Clinton Advisor: RFK Jr. Is Splintering the Democratic Party to Boost Trump

Former Clinton Advisor RFK Jr. Is Splintering the Democratic Party to Boost Trump

Political consultant and former Clinton advisor Dick Morris said Democratic presidential candidate RFK Jr is splintering his party and boosting former President Donald Trump as the 2024 presidential election draws closer.

RFK Jr., who announced his candidacy last month, is giving Democrats a much-needed alternative to Joe Biden, who it seems nobody wants to run again anyway.

Morris said the “divide-and-conquer” strategy, a method the Democrats have used to sow division and race hate, could be used to disrupt and shatter the party, giving Trump a clear way o the White House.

Morris said the key would be to unite the political left and right against the center.

“The left and the right agree with each other on a lot of stuff, and they disagree with the center, the establishment, the deep state, the surveillance society — call it what you will,” Morris told NewsMax.

“And I think that there are, there is a tremendous politics here: a fusion of the left and the right. And Bobby Kennedy, I think, is opening the door to it. And I think Donald Trump could walk through,” Morris said

Morris, who is familiar with the left’s playbook, advised former President Bill Clinton for 20 years and helped in back into the White House in 1996.

Morris, who has since switched to GOP, emphasized that Trump does not need to be loveable in order to unite Republicans and dissatisfied Democrats who are fed up with soaring crime, unprecedented border crisis, and out-of-control inflation.

“You don’t need somebody warm and fuzzy and nice to build the coalition,” Morris said.

“You need somebody strong and independent and determined to resist their propaganda and barrel through their vulnerabilities and expose the center and talk about the virtue of the positions that the left and right are sharing in common,” he said.

Morris added that there are key issues on which the left and the right, and Trump should harness that to galvanize bipartisan support.

Trump’s criticisms of the corporate media, deep state, and establishment politicians could unite many Americans angry who voted for Biden.

Those issues are what Kennedy will be campaigning on in the Democratic primary.

Both RFK Jr and Trump are unafraid to take on the corrupt establishment and could become a major weapon of choice in destroying the Democratic Party, the former Clinton Advisor said.

“On a host of those issues and many, many more, the left and the right essentially agree, and they disagree with the establishment that’s in the center that wants to protect those powers,” Morris said.

“Donald Trump is uniquely positioned to deal with that,” he added.

“He gets all or most of his money from small donations. He doesn’t get much from big donors, so he’s independent financially. He doesn’t like the people in the power structures. He hates the [Food and Drug Administration]. He hates the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] because he’s dealt with them.”

“He has all kinds of negative things to say about the intel community because they persecuted him. And he has the independence and the standing and the power to forge this relationship between the left and the right.”

According to the former Clinton consultant, a winning strategy for Trump would be to focus on how voters from across the political spectrum could unite to dismantle the corrupt power structure, something RFK Jr could help him acheive.

“I think he should be talking about a lot of issues with both of them [having] the same thing in common and make common cause against the establishment and against the center,” Morris said.

The former Clinton advisor also said Trump should use the politics of nuclear fission to bring the right and left together.

“We use nuclear fission to generate power in nuclear energy where — and we do the same thing in politics — where we split an atom, it splits other atoms, and it causes a chain reaction that leads to an explosion,” he told Newsmax.

“That’s how we govern our politics. We divide. We used the division to generate energy.”

He continued:

“But there’s also nuclear fusion, where you bring stuff together and you combine two helium atoms, and that generates the best amount of power and very few byproducts.

“It seems to me that the political world is round, not linear. It’s not right, right-center, center-left, left, on the continuum. It’s a circular process.”

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