Biden Confirms Troops Headed to Border, Drops Bombshell about Their Real Intentions

Biden Confirms Troops Headed to Border Drops Bombshell about Their Real Intentions

The Democrats and the media have crafted another deceptive narrative that Joe Biden is sending troops to the border to “get tough” on immigration, but in reality, it is just more smoke and mirrors.

You only have to listen closely to Joe Biden’s words in his interview with MSNBC to determine he has no intention of using the troops to prevent the surge of migrants from crossing the border.

The Democrats do not want a closed border but want you to believe they do.

They also have the establishment media at their disposal to hoodwink the nation.

“We are in a situation where 1500 people at the border, they’re not there to enforce the law, they’re there to free up the border agents that need to be on the border, and we’re having another thousand people coming in, they are asylum judges to make judges, to move things along,” Biden said.

“I’ve asked this Congress for help in terms of what they need at the border. They need more agents; they need more people to clear people,” he added.

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott also pointed out that Biden was only assisting the migrants with troops at the border:


Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson also explained that Biden is actually sending the troops to the border to facilitate more migrants to enter the United States

“Instead of addressing the problem, they’re sending people down there to help with the processing so we can get more people into the country,” Jackson told “Fox & Friends Sunday” host Rachel Campos-Duffy.

“I think this works hand in hand with what they’ve been doing all along. Don’t think for a minute this is not intentional,” he added.

“The Democrats had control of the Senate, the House, and the White House for two years. They could have done it on their own terms. They didn’t do anything,” he continued.

“The reason they didn’t is that this is intentional. This is the progressives, the far left, driving this process.”

“Having 1500 troops down there to help with the administrative burden and a bunch of extra judges down there so they can look at these asylum seekers, at their cases, and then get them into the country,” Jackson added.

“That’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to have just a ton of people that are going to get access to the country as a result of all of this, and it’s got to stop,” the Congressman said.

“I saw the other day the State Department said there’s upwards of 5 million people that are waiting to come into this country at some point. This is unsustainable, and I think the only reason Biden cares about it right now is because he’s coming up on an election, and he wants it to look like he’s doing something, but he’s doing nothing. Probably making the situation worse,” he charged.

“Or he just wants us to not look there. The processing is about moving people through, getting them out of the way, not having a situation like the Haitians under the bridge that might actually bring the, you know, the left-wing media in to finally have to cover it,” the host responded.

“We’ve been talking to some of the people who live along the border. The level of helplessness and hopelessness is just through the roof as Title 42 comes to expire as we see these – expire, as we see these shootings, do they involve cartel members coming across because we know that’s a huge problem. What has been you do, and what can the state of Texas do if the administration, as you said, is clearly this is intentional? They want this to happen?” Campos-Duffy asked.

“I think the state of Texas, we’re doing a lot. We’re operating under the threat of the federal government; Biden has threatened the state of Texas that if our law enforcement officers get more aggressive with securing the border, they will be or you know, or they will be subject to federal crimes,” the Congressman responded.

“So I mean, it’s a shame that we have a commander in chief and a head of state that threatens our state law enforcement agency like that, but that’s part of what’s going on,” he continued.

“We’re going to do something about it in the house, and it’s going to be up to the Democrats in the Senate to push this through, but we’re going to pass H.R. 2 next week going back to some of the Trump era policies that worked so well.”

“We’re going to reestablish construction of the wall, reestablish in Mexico, we’re going to get rid of the parole system. We’re going to adjust asylum, the threshold for what meets a claim of asylum, all these different things,” Jackson added.

“It’s the kind of stuff in there that we need to secure our border, and hopefully we can get that done. Hopefully, there’ll be enough pressure on them with an election year to pass this through, but we’ll see. Remains to be seen,” he said.

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump slammed Joe Biden’s “insane” decision to revoke Title 42.

“When I take the oath of office…we will immediately begin the process of fully securing the border and removing the illegal aliens Joe Biden has unlawfully allowed to break into our country,’ Trump said.


WATCH: Chip Roy Loses It on His Own Party in Fiery Speech over Border Crisis


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19 days ago

The border is NOT open because the regime’ never publicly said it was open…all those “migrants” are crossing our closed border illegally and the regime is not stopping them.
The border is secure and they are sending more troops to make sure that those “migrants” can cross over safely and securely.
These Marxists never lie but their language does not mean the same things as our language and until our representatives and honest press learn to speak and understand their language everyone will continue to be frustrated.



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